CBD Explained  

In the three videos below, you will learn what is CBD, where it comes from, why it interacts on human physiology the way it does, why is it so important and why CBD supplementation has become so valuable for health.

The Problem [3'53"]

What is CBD? What is the Endo-Cannabinoid System? Why is it so important to human physiology? And why is there currently a major problem?

The Solution [2'04"]

How feeding your bodies with high quality phyto-cannabinoids can change your health and wellbeing

How and Why CBD works in the body [17'20"]

Dr Asher Milgrom explains how CBD interacts with human physiology and how your own Endo-Cannabinoid System is your most powerful self-regulatory system and controls many bodily functions.

  The Next Step  

Would you like to find our more about the company, the business opportunity, the products, or even the science?

Irena Voskane

Based in Southampton, UK


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